Valentina Feroz is a Brazilian NXT 2.0 star with incredible potential. She is rivals with Cora Jade on the WWE developmental brand. It appears the young wrestler is trying to heat up again on social media platforms by posting provocative pictures.

Although Shaul Guerrero carries on her father, Eddie Guerrero’s, legacy in a huge way by demonstrating Latina Heat, she is not alone in this. Valentina Feroz is also a proud Latina and heating up in a big way.

Valentina recently took to Instagram to show off her Latina heat. She was sporting a skimpy lemon yellow bikini with Nike running shoes. Valentina can be seen posing for the picture as she covered her face from the sunlight.

🇺🇸 Living Life 😉 Tell me a funny #TBT that’s memorable for you!
🇧🇷 Vivendo a vida 😉 Me conta ai algum #TBT engraçado que foi marcante pra você!
#valentinaferoz #tbt #brasil #latina
@camilabononibikinis bikini 👙

In another picture, Valentina grabbed some eyeballs as she rocked a black grunge outfit. The star was wearing a sexy black leather top paired with black underwear. Valentina completed her looks with fishnet stockings and black leather boots.

Valentina’s most recent match came on WWE NXT Level Up’s 5th episode on March 19, where she was defeated by Lash Legend. She has Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, and her martial arts expertise helps her stand out on the NXT roster. In the previous few months, she has demonstrated a great deal of promise and potential. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next, but at this rate, supporters are sure to pay close attention.

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