Paul Heyman has one of the sharpest tongues in all of WWE. The advocate for Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been one of wrestling’s best promos dating back to the 1980s. Paul’s authenticity and delivery put him a cut above almost every other contemporary wrestling personality.

Fans have often wondered why Paul Heyman doesn’t do his own podcast. Under contract to WWE, things can be a little bit more complicated than if he were independent. Heyman is aware of the interest and is working on ideas for the concept.

In a spot on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Heyman said that he is currently in talks with WWE about creating a podcast. Heyman will not make any commitments unless he can do the show his way. That means zero censorship or input from the company.

“There’s a concept to do it now, it would be with WWE. It would be uncensored by them, free rein, and it’s being talked about. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about it, we have talked about it multiple times over the past few years. I am not going to do it unless it’s done right, it would have to be done right.”


Other WWE stars have had success doing podcasts and shows under the WWE banner. Xavier Woods created the hugely popular UpUpDownDown, which often strays from the typical fare offered by the company. Steve Austin is generally allowed more leeway than most WWE superstars when he does Br0ken Skull Sessions shows.

Time will tell if Paul Heyman can convince WWE to unleash him in podcast form. Fans would certainly be here for it. It is just a matter of Heyman having the right amount of control.

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