Goldberg is considered a legend by many fans and he is also a WWE Hall of Famer. The former WWE Universal Champion might not have been a fan of pro wrestling at first but eventually came to appreciate it as an art form. It seems he received a weird action figure design recently which pays homage to his iconic entrance.

The former WWE Champion’s entrance usually features blowing smoke out, and now he has a figure to show for it. One key highlight for this new action figure is a detachable head with smoke coming out from the mouth. If you look at it, it’s nothing short of bizarre.

The set comes with the WCW United States Heavyweight Champion belt and World Heavyweight Champion belt. It also showcases intricate details like chest hair. Another bizarre feature would be the over-the-top muscular structure.

If there’s anything they nailed with the piece, that would be the classic Goldberg scream expression. Goldberg is also a free agent following his loss to the Tribal Chief. Check out the action figure and the various features below.


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