Kevin Owens has become one of the mainstays at WWE. He’s had some of the most memorable matches in the last decade, and his identity as the angry daredevil is not going to fade out any time soon.

Owens decided to prolong his career at WWE last December when the terms of his previous contract were going to reach an expiration in January. This means that fans will definitely see more of him in the coming months within the WWE roster.

The star has signed a multi-year deal which ensures that he is one of the highest-paid WWE superstars. Owens will also be one of the main draws in WWE WrestleMania 38, where he’s slated to appear in a segment with Steve Austin. It is one of the most anticipated confrontations to come.

KO recently appeared in an interview with ESPN. While promoting WrestleMania 38, Owens said that his decision to stay with WWE came partially from Vince McMahon himself, who communicated that he wanted Owens to remain with the company.


Well, a big part of it, honestly, was that Vince McMahon made it pretty clear to me that he wanted me to stay. I’ve been in WWE for seven years at this point. I have a lot of friends everywhere else in wrestling, but there is a whole side of WWE that people don’t get to see, whether it’s the production crew or the camera people, the stage manager, the creative team, all these people. They’re all very special people and they’re a part of my family. My extended family now. My professional family, if you want to call it that. Those were all factors that led to me staying put because Vince made it clear he wanted me to stay. It feels like my home and all those other people there. If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t get to see anymore and that was just like. It just seemed like the right move. That’s really all there is to it.

Kevin Owens is a thunderous performer within the ring, and his promos make for some of the most intense confrontations in the promotion. Owens is definitely an important star for the company. From the way he’s going, the star is not going to lose his status any time soon.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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