Since her debut in AEW, Jade Cargill has been booked as an unstoppable force in AEW as she has run roughshod over the women’s division. Cargill continues to impress with her impressive physique and strength as well. Bryan Danielson has also helped out Jade Cargill a lot by the looks of it.

Cargill’s in-ring skills continue to be criticized as fans feel Jade Cargill is simply too green to be a proper champion right now. Due to this, she has been working a lot with Bryan Danielson as well.

While speaking with Complex Unsanctioned, Jade Cargill talked about her career in AEW so far. Cargill revealed the incredible advice she got from Bryan Danielson as well.

Every time after a match, he’s like ‘hey, how did it go? Did you have fun?’ And that’s all he cares about. He’s like, ‘did you have fun? Don’t worry about the match right now, it’s happened. Digest it. If you had fun, soak that in, and then tomorrow, go over it in your head and watch it. But don’t beat yourself up because you have another match to focus on right now.’


And I started living like that because I would go back and beat myself up. ‘What could I have done to do this better?’ And I wouldn’t have fun. Like, initially, I wasn’t having fun. I was just so focused on getting it right rather than having fun. And then all of a sudden, when he said that, it started clicking.

I was starting to have fun and it’s like, I was just living in the moment. Like, I was just living in the moment, listening to the crowd, hearing them say my name, hearing them boo, do whatever, even though I need more people to boo for me. So boo for me, guys. But I feel it, like, I’m just starting to have so much fun. So one of the things he told me is just, ‘don’t stress yourself out.

Have fun, because you’re going to look at this 20 years from now and think to yourself, like, all that, you’re not going to think the same thing you were thinking of, like, beating yourself up. You’re going to focus on happy times and when you have fun in these matches, people are going to ask you, ‘hey, who was the best match you ever had?’ Or, ‘who was your best opponent?’ Or, who was your easiest to work?” That’s what’s important. It’s about the memories on the journey. It’s all a journey.”

Jade Cargill is also learning British wrestling from Bryan Danielson. We will have to wait and see if Cargill will improve her in-ring skills or not under Bryan Danielson’s tutelage.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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