Dolph Ziggler didn’t waste any time becoming the NXT Champion. Ziggler has been feuding with Bron Breakker over the title since he crossed over from Monday Night Raw for a program with the young superstar. The two will settle the score at Saturday’s NXT: Stand and Deliver during WrestleMania weekend.

Ziggler and Robert Roode haven’t had much going on lately during their main roster run. Dolph decided to be proactive about things. Ziggler decided to see what was going on in developmental.

The opportunity grew when Ziggler was placed into a feud with Bron Breakker. Breakker is considered the breakout star of NXT 2.0 thus far. WWE sees big things in his future. On a recent appearance on WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, Dolph talked about his experience in NXT as well as his respect for Bron.

“Everyone is asking, ‘How do you feel about being surprised?’ Surprised? I came here to scout talent and two weeks later, I’m the NXT Champion. That wasn’t in the cards, that wasn’t even a thought process. I’m constantly working, I’m never out sick, but I felt stale.”

“Roode and I are really good at what we do and it didn’t seem like we were doing anything that important right now and it’s ‘what have you done for me lately?’ At the moment, we’re not crushing it. It didn’t seem like we were going to have a match on WrestleMania unless we made something happen.”

“We saw an opening and said, ‘Let’s try this out, let’s go see NXT.’ Half the time, anybody who shows up from NXT, their first match is with me anyway. Especially Roode, he even had a match with me. Now, I’m going to cut out the middle man and go to NXT and start wrestling there.”

“I really came to scout talent, see if a few people had some up and coming things that I could possibly work with that aligned, and got thrown right into the mix. It’s crazy. It’s so funny, if you’re surprised that I’m NXT Champion, normally if you’re surprised I’m United States Champion or World Champion, I’m not, I’m blown away.”

I did not plan on this. I’m very happy to be in this moment with Breakker, who has 20 matches under his belt, but somehow can go. He has this insane speed and power that…I’ve been speared by Goldberg and I’m like, ‘This guy, you kidding me,’ and has knocked the wind out of me and put me down. This kid hits harder. That spear put me down. I was happy to kickout and keep moving, but I go, ‘Holy Crap.’ He has that, in that prime of his career, linebacker closing speed for every movement. When he figures out how to hone that in a year or two or three, he’s going to be someone who is kind of unstoppable.”

WrestleMania weekend could be the end of Dolph Ziggler’s run as NXT Champion. That matchup will go down on Saturday, April 2, in Dallas, Texas. It will be Bron Breakker’s first match in front of WWE fans outside of Orlando. There is plenty of intrigue in NXT ever since Dolph showed up. Now, it’s time to Stand and Deliver.

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