Trish Stratus is a pioneer in women’s professional wrestling. Stratus was at the forefront of the Diva division from 1999 to 2006. She is a seven-time women’s world champion, one-time hardcore world champion, and a WWE Hall of Fame member. Trish retired from wrestling in 2006. Afterwards, TNA wanted to make her one of their Knockouts after that.

Trish disclosed to ET Canada that TNA contacted her after her WWE departure. TNA was in the process to introduce the Knockouts Championship.

“Like there was a point where, you know, TNA had reached out to me and they wanted — it happened to be around the time when there was a new women’s championship was being introduced. It was around that time and it was a storyline pitch like that because it was like, ‘Hey, women are a viable part of the show and we would like you to be a part of it.’

Trish Stratus credited Fit Finlay for her prosperous pro-wrestling career. Finlay receives appraisal by women from Stratus era.


“There would be no Trish Stratus without Fit Finlay,” Stratus explained. “I can tell you that. Like, he really, also like, you know, no changing of the guard. There wasn’t, he was an invested interest in the women and helping, like for me, my M.O. at one point had become like, and seeing, you know, what I knew I could do, but seeing what I was only able to do in the ring, my M.O. was like, I want to change the perception of what a woman could do in the ring and in sports entertainment.

Trish also spoke positively about former writer Brian Gewirtz, as she recalls more positive recollection from her career.

But Brian Gewirtz is someone that, he’s a writer for WWE and he was a huge, you know, part of my really good juicy work that I did and working, you know, with my promos and he was really good. I mean, obviously, he worked with The Rock a lot. That was kind of his guy and I got the chance to work with him. He’s really good about tapping into who you are and then just way over, and flying your personality out there and keeping it real.

Trish transitioned from a fitness model to professional athlete before age 30. Her in-ring work was impressive along with her promo abilities, Trish was a stellar entertainer in the Attitude Era.

She feuded with women such as Jazz, Molly Holly, Lita, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, the list goes on and on. Fans scorned the company for making eye-candy in her initial run. Those fans also recall the time when Vince made Trish strip and bark like dog on live TV. Despite of those disparaging segments/angles, Trish is the greatest female pro-wrestler of all time.

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