EC3 has been making lot of strides alongside Braun Strowman. As he is helping a new age usher in pro-wrestling with Control Your Narrative, the star is slowly realizing a lot of the things he faced during his career.

The former WWE star was part of Insight with Chris Van Vliet. He discussed a lot of things, such as many comparisons between Control Your Narrative and Fight Club, bringing Austin Aries to CYN and much more.

EC3 was then asked about his entry to WWE NXT, where he had a completely switch everything up. While he was the IMPACT World Champion at one point, he had to be in a tag-team at NXT, where he would not do any pro-cutting as the creatives had intended him to remain mute.

The former NXT star said that he was never meant for NXT. He said that his joining at NXT was very rushed, and while the people who had paved the way for him to be in NXT knew he can cut promos, “no one would speak up because one man’s opinion rules.”


NXT was cool but I was never meant for NXT. When we were called up, it was very rash and very unplanned. Our vignettes were shot in our homes, and we were called up as a group. Then I am a mute even though I am capable of speaking. The people that brought me in knew I could [talk], but no one would speak up because one man’s opinion rules.

EC3 recently claimed that CYN was almost kicked out of a venue by MLW. While CYN has been posturing itself as a real platform for pro-wrestling, they’ve been meeting lot of resistance.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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