Big E had to leap numerous hurdles over the years during his time in WWE as it was never smooth sailing for him. Big E found huge success on the main roster, as he won multiple tag team titles and then also the WWE Championship. He also contemplated taking his own life at one point in time

The former WWE Champion, who injured his neck with a botched belly-to-belly suplex two weeks ago on SmackDown, received an outpouring of support from the wrestling community. Despite the fact that Big E appears to be in good spirits despite the injury, one doctor has warned that it could mean the end of his career because this type of injury seldom heals completely.

Many WWE and AEW stars have expressed their support for Big E on social media. Most recently AEW standout Powerhouse Hobbs has delivered E his own personal message while speaking on the Superstar Crossover Podcast. He wished Big E a speedy recovery.

He [Big E] knows how I feel about him. I wish him a speedy recovery. I’m gonna keep texting you and blowing you up like I do. If you need anything, call me. I want to see you get back in this ring, man. So take your time, get healthy, and do what you do, brother.


Hobbs also discussed his close friendship with CM Punk, revealing that he and Punk regularly sit down after his matches to discuss every move. The road to recovery is underway for Big E. Either way, it means we won’t see Big E making an in-ring return until next year, or who knows, it might even take longer than that.

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h/t to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

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