Sarah Stock worked for WWE from 2015 until 2020 as a Performance Center coach. WWE placed her on leave in April 2020 and fired her in September of that year during the first round of pandemic cuts. She worked for AAA, CMLL, and various indie outfits before joining WWE. She was also a member of TNA. Now she is slated to make a return to the ring.

Sarah was in Tennessee the last time she interacted with the WWE universe. She is set to return to the ring in Mexico. On her YouTube account, Stock announced her comeback to the ring.

I was in Tennessee last time I talked to you guys and a lot has happened since then. I’ve been traveling, I went all through Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, through the Gulf Coast and now into Florida. So a lot’s gone on but maybe the most important thing is that I have decided to get back into the ring.

I made the decision to wrestle again and it kind of came as a surprise, you know? And will I be able to get back to, you know, presentable shape and what I see as good enough? And the answer has been ‘yes’. I can and I will.


Since her release from WWE, Sarah Stock has had quite a journey. Stock was arrested in October for aggravated battery, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct and public intoxication by alcohol, but those charges were dropped.

Stock finally decided to jump back into the in-ring action. Fans must be shocked to hear this news as well as excited at the same time. She strives to keep her shape and health in the best possible state. Check out the video featuring the news of her in-ring return below.

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