Chris Jericho was witness to the Monday Night Wars and the events that followed. In a recent interview with The Kurt Angle Show, Y2J sat down to discuss a wide range of topics, including the Invasion Angle that WWE took with ECW and WCW stars.

Sharing his thoughts, Jericho noted the angle could have been played much longer. He cited the financial payoffs received by WWE as a proof of the same.

“There’s a million things they could have done. They could have run that Invasion Pay-Per-view for a year.”

“The Invasion Pay-per-view was the highest payoff I ever got in the WWE besides two or three Wrestlemanias,” he said.


“I was in 12 Wrestlemanias and it beat nine of them. That’s how big it was. It was a giant, giant check and it was a 10 man match. Think about that. How much money did that Pay-Per-View make to pay the 10 guys in the main event that much.”

“So what if that was the first one? Vince wasn’t interested. He’d been at war with WCW for so long. He bought it. He got a big blow off from it, and he said you’re done, and that was his goal. He wants to kill it, squash it, end it, done. That’s what he did.”

After WWE’s acquisition of WCW and ECW, the Invasion storyline began in March of 2001 and ran for more than 6 months. The storyline involved a stable of wrestlers representing ‘The Alliance’ – between WCW and ECW- taking on another stable representing WWE. The angle brought considerable financial success to WWE, with the ‘Invasion’ pay-per-view garnering a buy out of 770,000.


Bhupen Dange

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