Rey Mysterio is certainly an established veteran in the world of professional wrestling and he is proud of his luchador heritage and legacy. He has won championships in various promotions all over the world in his three-decade-long career and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

Mysterio came back to WWE in 2018 and since then has been involved in a variety of high profile feuds, especially teaming up with his son Dominik Mysterio over the past couple of years.

Mysterio has suffered numerous injuries over his career but has still been able to compete at a top level. While speaking with Complex, Rey Mysterio revealed that stem cell treatment has significantly helped him increase his longevity and wrestle more despite injuries.

“They’ve been feeling really good,” Mysterio said. “I started this treatment, which I’ve been doing since roughly around 2012, with stem cells. I did a very large treatment on my full body in 2019 in Colombia. And that has been my fountain of youth. It’s been helping me tremendously. Obviously, my knee has been my worst problem throughout my career. Thank God, and knock on wood, my back and my neck have always been stable. I’ve had two torn biceps, one on each arm. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. But this stem cell treatment has given me more years of longevity, more years to be able to do what I love and share special moments with my son in the ring. It’s given me the opportunity to keep doing what I do best.


I’ve learned throughout the years how to adapt and make things exciting for my fans, so I can still be Rey Mysterio but not putting so much pressure on my body. I go back and watch a lot of old videos just trying to study how I ended up with so many knee surgeries, especially on the left one, because my right one is surgery-free. But I’ve learned to adjust, how to make things exciting. I don’t do things that I know are going to hurt me, but I can still do things that keep fans up on their feet.”

Rey Mysterio also recently hinted that his retirement is imminent as well. We will have to wait and see how long Rey Mysterio will continue to compete inside the squared circle.

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