Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest stars of professional wrestling. Few saw the success the Hulkster had during his career that allowed him to transition into the world of professional acting and make millions in the process. He saw a lot of people come and go and some left a bigger impression than others.

Hogan is also the only superstar in the WWE with eight WrestleMania main events to his name. One of the main events saw the Immortal One square off with the late King Kong Bundy inside a steel cage.

The two collided in the main event of WrestleMania II. WWE ran WrestleMania II from three separate locations: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Hogan and Bundy battled for the WWE title in Los Angeles.

Hogan recently appeared on the Two-Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to talk about his feud with Bundy among others things including his retirement. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer reflected on Bundy’s good looks that remained invisible to other people because of how Bundy carried himself.


“What I always said about him is, when I saw his face, ‘that’s a good looking man’. King Kong Bundy was a good-looking guy. A lot of people never saw that because of the shaved head and he was so big, but he was a good-looking man when he was younger.

“I didn’t pay much attention to him when we both got old but when he first started wrestling. Austin idol is huge as well. He had that same face, just so huge as Mike McCord that you couldn’t tell he was a good-looking guy, but that’s how Bundy was. He was always nice to me. He was just heavy-handed as hell.”

Hogan also gave his two cents on his main event clash against Bundy at WrestleMania II in Los Angeles. He said he was confident that his match with Bundy would carry the show even if others failed to deliver.

“WrestleMania 2 was a good one man because that was a weird deal to have that thing in three different locations. To wrestle him to have him in that little storyline if everything went awry and screwed up everything, if everything fell off into the ocean in New York and Chicago, we’d have still held our own. We’d have been okay.”

We’ll have to see who people are still talking about twenty years from now, but odds are there will always be a place for King Kong Bundy. Hulk Hogan certainly has a lot to say about the big man.

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