Corey Graves made a name for himself as one of the main commentators on Monday Night RAW and it is safe to say he is one of the most recognizable voices in all of WWE. Graves has a lot of fans but also has his fair share of haters as well. It seems Corey Graves opened up about his in-ring return yet again.

The Savior of Misbehavior used to be a pro wrestler in NXT until he had to retire due to concussions back in 2014. Corey Graves recently confirmed that he is cleared for in-ring competition, but has yet to compete in any match. Despite that, he is still primarily focused on being a commentator.

While speaking with Rasslin‘, Corey Graves talked about making an in-ring return. Graves stated that he believes having an official WWE match is the missing piece of the puzzle for him.

“That was kind of the one missing piece of the puzzle was, ‘man, I still never got that official WWE match, the PPV match.’ I got to do the live event tours when I was still with NXT, so I got a taste of it there, and I fell off the cliff before I got to make the jump. It’s just something that’s kind of been eating at me for the last, particularly, year or so. Seeing Christian come back, and seeing Edge come back, and Daniel Bryan a few years prior. It always has made me wonder, ‘what if? Am I able, would I be able to do that?’ So I went and started the whole testing protocol last summer, almost right after WrestleMania last year. I went through and passed all the tests.”


Corey Graves also recently admitted that he has no idea what he is doing as WWE commentator. We will have to see if Graves will end up competing at WrestleMania 38 or not.

h/t Wrestling Inc

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