WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is an overachiever in professional wrestling, to say the least. The Beast has main evented WrestleMania multiple times. He has held Championships in both UFC and WWE. Brock Lesnar is many things, but he is not a TV guy.

In a recent interview with The Michael Kay Show, Lesnar revealed he does not spend much time watching TV, including UFC and other sports. Lesnar talked about watching Super Bowl on YouTube after not tuning it on TV.

“I’m not a huge TV guy. Never have been. Honestly, I haven’t. I tuned into the Super Bowl, didn’t catch the halftime show, but I did go back and watch it, I watched it on YouTube. But I never, like I don’t watch the UFC. Even when I was competing, I would go back and watch some of my film, but I never, you know, sat down and (watched). I can’t honestly say, maybe I’ve rented a half a dozen Pay-Per-Views.”

However, when Brock occasionally does tune to TV, he prefers watching sitcoms, two in particular. If he had to pick one, it would be a show about nothing and the other would be about a bunch of Friends.


Seinfeld,” Lesnar said when asked what he watches. “I caught a little, catch a little bit of the Friends once a while.”

Brock also spoke about his favorite Friends character, and surprisingly it is the ex-wife of former WCW World Champion, David Arquette.

“Is it Monica?” Lesnar asked.

It was interesting to know what The Beast incarnate likes to relax to in his free time despite admittedly not being a “TV Guy.” Lesnar will be facing Roman Reigns in a ‘Winner Takes All’ match at WrestleMania 38 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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