Shelton Benjamin’s in-ring skills over the years have made him a favorite among fans. It is also a known fact that Benjamin and Brock Lesnar are great friends in real life and have been so for years. Lesnar also told him to stop using a pro wrestling move for a good reason.

For a very long time now, Benjamin has put his body through hell for the entertainment of fans. He has thrown caution to the wind and been a part of WWE’s highlight reel. This is especially thanks to his performances in the Money In The Bank Ladder matches for several WrestleMania events. Lesnar and Benjamin started their journey together in Ohio Valley Wrestling as well.

While speaking to Fightful, Shelton Benjamin explained why he no longer performs the 450 Splash when he debuted on the main roster back in 2002. Shelton Benjamin said that he was injured performing the move in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Benjamin then added that Brock Lesnar convinced him to never use the move as well.

“Real simple. The last time I did it I basically got injured. I banged my elbow and I actually had to have surgery on it. That’s pretty much why I took it out of the repertoire. Then, going further, there’s a lot of stuff I used to do that I just stopped doing. Believe it or not, this is advice that Brock gave me. It was very good advice. He said, ‘If you can hit it ten out of ten times, do it. If you can do it nine out of ten times, never try to do it on TV.’ So it’s just I don’t want to screw up on TV. It’s just as simple as that. I can still do a lot of stuff. I just choose not to because one—why? Two—the margin for error is greater than I want to risk.”

Shelton Benjamin also previously hinted at a match against Brock Lesnar. We will have to see whether Shelton Benjamin will ever get the chance to face off against Lesnar or not someday.

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