Finn Bálor has been with WWE since 2014. The Irish wrestler joined the NXT brand under Triple H’s watchful eye. Bálor won the NXT Championship and held it for 292 days before dropping it to Samoa Joe at a house show.

The 40-year-old recently appeared on After The Bell podcast to take about his wrestling style and character. For context, Bálor wrestles in his demon persona on special occasions.

“I feel I’ve made huge compromises,” he told podcast host Corey Graves. He continued, “The compromise in my style, or the change in my style, I feel is so drastically different that it’s almost unrecognizable for me to watch it.”

“The same way where Finn and the Demon are separate, I feel Finn in NXT vs. Finn on Raw is completely different. It’s the same image, same gear maybe some days, but it’s a completely different style.


“The one thing that is so underestimated, and I took as a compliment when I came to NXT the first time and I realized wasn’t really a compliment, was that I was told I was too smooth. That sounds like a compliment. That sounds good.

“I don’t think it’s a compliment. Everything should be difficult. It shouldn’t be easy to do anything in a fight. A fight is not easy. You need to struggle before you succeed before people really appreciate it.

“You need to go through the struggles. In life, you need to struggle for years through high school, college, apprenticeships, to finally get there and then you appreciate it.

“I feel it’s the same with someone doing a backflip, you don’t really struggle to do it, it’s just a backflip. If I’m thinking about how I apply myself, if I go out there and do the foot stomp first, people are going to go ‘ehh.'”

Bálor won the United States title from Damian Priest last month on Monday Night RAW. The two have been feuding on and off since 2020. The feud began in Triple H’s NXT and has carried on to the main roster.

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