WWE Hall Of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has been working in AEW for quite a while now. Since his debut, he has had a great time in the company. He started out by managing Lance Archer and the partnership has proved to be a huge success.

He has worked in WWE for a long time and is well aware of how Vince McMahon functions. In fact, he even blasted Vince McMahon previously for humiliating people in WWE.

Roberts made a name for himself for bringing a giant snake to the ring in order to terrify fans and his opponents alike. While the snakes were de-fanged, they still posed a great danger.

While speaking on the DDP Snake Pit Podcast, Jake Roberts recalled a match with Ricky Steamboat where a snake tried to choke Roberts and almost died. Thankfully, Steamboat managed to pull the snake off but the snake then escaped into the crowd.

“Ricky Steamboat had to pull one off of me in Indianapolis that choked me out in the match. I collapsed, went down, and Steamboat’s seeing that the snake was around my throat and that I was turning and he knew to unwind the snake. You can’t break the snake’s grip because what happens when you lay across their scales like this, their scales interlock You can’t break that lock. So you have to either get the head or the tail and unravel them. Well, Steamboat unravelled it then let go because Steamboat is afraid of snakes too.

As I come to, the snake is going into the fourth row and the tail, luckily, is still in the ring. And I lunge and grab the tail and I whip it all back in. It’s about a 17 footer. Because the people were starting the red sea movement where they’re all running and screaming. It was pretty incredible.

We went back to Indianapolis about three months later. As soon as I got there, I thought I was fixing to be arrested because the police were coming and the building manager and I’m like, ‘What have I done?’ They’re like, ‘Did you bring the same snake?’ I’m like, ‘Why?’ ‘Because, man, everyone called wanting to know if it’s the same snake because they want to watch that son-of-a-b*tch kill you’. I’m like, ‘Oh I love my fans’.”

We are certainly glad Jake Roberts managed to survive getting choked by a snake. Jake Roberts continues to be by Lance Archer’s side and is more than happy working under Tony Khan right now and that is what truly matters in the end.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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