CM Punk has been leading the show ever since his debut at All Elite Wrestling. While his feud with MJF is generating a lot of heat and cheer from fans, the former WWE star is taking to his old antics, starting out bigger fires than he can let off.

Punk’s entrance at AEW Revolution was a full homage to his ROH days. His entrance was from his ROH appearances, AFI’s Miseria Cantare, along with his ring gear also staying true to that.

Fans didn’t see that one coming for Punk, as they had not been aware of that entire era from his career. After one fan asked what happened. Punk rudely said that he’d been missing A deep understanding of story telling. A brain.” Punk deleted the tweet and followed it up with another tweet, explaining why he’d done so.

I’m sorry if I was snarky to a guy who was being shit to other people in his replies. Context is everything. None of this is important. Let’s all hug and drink Shirley temples.

Some fans are naturally supposed to be oblivious to a pro-wrestler’s entire trajectory due to many factors. However, Punk explained that the guy was being rude to other people as well.

The AEW Revolution entrance for CM Punk was a big moment because it was a way for him to re-live his ROH days. While funds thought that it was extremely rude of him to harshly reply to someone sweet like that, he set the record clean by providing a much needed rationale.

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