Vince McMahon is a very interesting person and that goes for the request he makes as well.

WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” Brian James, who also worked behind the scenes in NXT, joined Highspots Sign It Live special and answered fan questions. One such question was regarding Road Dogg dying his goatee, which he replied to be a request made by Vince McMahon. Apparently, Vince did not like there to be any gray.

“Vince made me color in my goatee because he said I look too old,” Road Dogg said. “He didn’t like the gray.”

Another question playfully asked about the consequences of wearing a Buc-ee’s Onesie into a WWE creative meeting. It is a well-known gas station franchise in the South. Road Dogg responded that it would be the last meeting Vince would ever attend.

“He would never walk into another one,” Road Dogg said. “I can tell you that much.”

In the end, Road Dogg was asked about his favorite character that he portrayed during his career. To everyone’s surprise, he revealed it to be his run as The Roadie from the mid-90s. He also said that Santino Marella was his favorite character in pro-wrestling history.

“I did love The Roadie, my God,” Road Dogg said. “You know what was so good about it, and this is just me being lazy, I didn’t have to do any of the work, you know what I mean? I just got to be outside and try to be entertaining and I would usually feed in and take somebody’s finish, especially when Jeff (Jarrett) was the Intercontinental Champion. No one beat him in any house show, ever. And so I would have to run in at the end for the DQ and then take the, Diesel’s finish or Razor’s finish or whatever.

“But yeah, I love doing that. But I’ll tell you what my favorite character is, Santino Marella. He’s my favorite wrestler in the history of wrestling, ever. When he would go to do the dive and then he would like, change his mind or he would climb to the top, up to the top turnbuckle, and then climb back down. Like that’s entertainment, man.”

Earlier this year, Road Dogg was released by WWE from his role on NXT as part of the wider personnel cuts.

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