Davey Richards recorded a video for his wife and that was the end of the story … until that video ended up on a gay porn website. Then he had some explaining to do.

We previously reported about this situation and how a video of Richards doing some “solo activity” ended up on a homoerotic website. The video was taken down, but not before fans on WReddit saw and went to town with mocking the pro wrestling veteran.

Richards said, “Well lol the vid was supposed to be a private one for my wife that apparently is now not so private lol. Oh well, it’s a wiener- they can look if it makes their day. But no, I don’t do porn – well pro wrestling can be…… meh nm. I should have sold that to get paid. Wieners= $$$.” This prompted David Bixenspan to reply with his own follow-up question.

To be clear, you’re saying you went to this guy to get something shot professionally for your wife and he violated the agreement and released it? If that’s the case, I hope you sue the shit out of him & I apologize for making jokes about how your persona would translate to porn.

Davey Richards doesn’t seem touched by this ordeal. It’s like water off a nude duck’s back as far as he’s concerned.

It’s cool man! No, it’s ok- with a world filled of people hating each other and harming each due to just plain ol ignorance, a video of my PP for my wife is no big deal.

We’ll have to see if any more videos leak out from Davey Richards’ phone. This was certainly not the kind of highlight reel of his performance that he wanted go viral for pro wrestling fans.

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