Scarlett Bordeaux is forging her path after being released by WWE. The Smoke Show has moved on to independent fame as she has been in demand with promoters across the United States. Scarlett has also been busy with her OnlyFans site and several other projects.

Bordeaux said she enjoyed the NXT locker room atmosphere a great deal. Some of the best coaches on the planet worked there, in her opinion. That doesn’t mean Scarlett was fully on board with WWE’s training methods.

Scarlett recently talked about her NXT experience on Keepin It 100. Bordeaux said that while she had many positive experiences in WWE, it left a lot to be desired. Scarlett believes every wrestler should spend some time on the independent circuit before making their way to WWE.

“I didn’t expect…there were a few things that surprised me. On the good side, the women’s locker room was one of the best women’s locker rooms I’ve ever been in. NXT, the women’s locker room, everyone was super supportive of each other. After the women’s matches, we’d be standing by the curtain, applauding, hugging each other for doing a great job. It was a great environment in that way,” she said, giving a positive to her time at NXT.

The thing that surprised me though, I thought the training would be a bit different. I had some good training and I had some bad training. I thought it was going to be a very organized system and they would have had a perfect way to get anyone from zero to become a great wrestler, but maybe that’s not the trainer’s fault. A lot of times, you take people who are professional athletes, football players, models, and it’s really hard to make these people good wrestlers if they don’t actually love and care about wrestling. Maybe the trainers get a hard time for that. I thought they were going to be able to turn anyone into a great wrestler and I don’t think that’s possible after being there. Some of the best training I got was on the independent scene.

Everyone who is in WWE would be better for it if they spent a little time training on the Indies. You get something different from training on the Indies. There was a lot of great trainers Scotty (2 Hotty), (Brian) Kendrick are amazing. There are a lot of really good trainers, but I’m so happy I spent all the time on the Indies instead of going straight there and didn’t train from scratch.”

WWE has taken a completely different approach to recruit young talent. The new NIL program aims to pull in athletes with limited or no wrestling experience from other sports and mold them into superstars. Scarlett Bordeaux thinks that approach will leave a lot of the passion it takes to be a truly great pro wrestler out of the equation.

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