Jade Cargill has been regarded as an unstoppable force in AEW who has bulldozed through the women’s division. Her towering stature and physique have benefitted her in the company without a doubt. In a stunning photo, she appears to have chosen to highlight the glamour of her lifestyle.

Cargill has a sizable following of admirers who like her appearance, and she appears to be well aware of that. Cargill took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing a stunning leopard print outfit. She showed off her amazing abs and figure while claiming it to be a lifestyle.

It’s a lifestyle.

@ryderwear Code: Jade5

📸: @visionxviii | @lareinasworld

Because of her extraordinary figure and bold personality, any clothing brand would want Cargill to be their dream model. Here, she is modeling for the clothing brand named Ryder Wear (@ryderwear). The photography and editing was done by the users with Instagram handle @visionxvii and @lareinasworld.

In addition to being a sight to behold, Cargill has also been an awe-inspiring performer at AEW. On “Busted Open Radio,” Tommy Dreamer compared Cargill to Hall Of Famer, Chyna, calling her “so athletic and so gifted.” Tony Khan is also very high on Jade Cargill right now.

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