Liv Morgan has worked hard to establish herself as a mainstay of Monday Night RAW’s women’s division. Morgan has received a lot of fan love in recent months, which she never imagined possible before. She appears to be proudly showing off her battle scars following the Royal Rumble event.

Former Riott Squad members Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan briefly reunited during Saturday night’s 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match, and Ruby Soho expressed her joy on Twitter. Liv Morgan entered at #6 and stayed the longest in the women’s Rumble match, lasting almost 37 minutes.

Following the huge event, Morgan took it to Twitter to display her battle scars. She posted a picture showing her bruised chest and chin. Liv proudly stated that this is what she lives for, the hustle and the battles.

What I live for


Both Logan and Morgan were eliminated from the Rumble by the Bella Twins, possibly setting up a future match. After that, Logan tracked Megan Morgant down backstage. Morgan abruptly ended the conversation and hugged Logan in a heartfelt embrace.

Liv Morgan has been riding a wave of popularity since her matches with Becky Lynch. Morgan is excited about the changing wrestling landscape. The WWE superstar is hoping to see more talent exchanges in the future.

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