Barbie Blank, who went by the name Kelly Kelly while in WWE, made an appearance in the Royal Rumble along with a few other stars, including Lita, Summer Rae, The Bella Twins, Michelle McCool, and Mickie James. The former WWE Divas Champion even practiced in the ring before her Rumble comeback and took it seriously. There will always be people who want to rain on your parade.

Kelly Kelly loved every minute of her brief WWE return. Some salty user re-tweeted the video and took a jab at her aging. The user claimed that Kelly Kelly was the perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong.

According that person, Kelly was gorgeous in the past and now she’s just unrecognizable. Kelly Kelly clapped back at that fan for the false accusation. This fan tweeted out, “kids, this is a perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong. There was nothing wrong with her before & she was absolutely gorgeous & surgery has made her completely unrecognizable. Be happy with what you were given.”

Barbie explained that she was 25 back then and now ten years have passed. It’s called aging and becoming a woman.

Literally I was 25 when I retired it’s been 10 years.. no surgery once so ever it’s called becoming a WOMEN ..which obviously you know nothing about!! Let’s do a 10 year challenge on you and see what you look before and after sir.

Kelly Kelly ended her genius roast by saying we should do a ten year challenge on that person and see what he’s gonna end up looking. Fans also hop in the roasting bandwagon for the illogical tweet. The former WWE Divas Champion revealed last year that she suffered a miscarriage. Kelly and her husband, Joe Coba, tied the knot in April last year.

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