Mojo Rawley is one of the free agents who formerly worked for WWE. Now that the former WWE superstar has started going by Mojo Muhtadi, he knows much about what’s going on in other wrestling promotions.

Mojo Rowley decided to go batshit crazy during his hockey game night with Alexa Bliss. Rowley claimed that him and Alexa cannot help but dance when the boy band NSYNC is played. But it seems like Mojo’s dance celebration was a bit over the top as he started off by ripping his shirt off.

Mojo went shirtless and started swinging it in the air. He started off with gentle waist swaying but soon powered up with savage steps. The entire crowd got entertained as the announcer covered the performance. The pair was featured in the big screen throughout their surprise performance.

Don’t play @nsync around me and @alexa_bliss_wwe_. Especially at a @solarbearshockey game.
Also you can see how proud @gracietracy is to be seen with me in public right next to me.

The women sitting behind them seemed to laughing at first but then they soon joined the dance while sitting. It seems like the craze spread in the surrounding fans like a disease. Alexa Bliss couldn’t help herself from laughing, blushing and clapping throughout the act.

Alexa Bliss also posted the dance video on her Instagram story. Ryan Cabrera was obviously cool with this, because he also posted the video on his Instagram story. Check out Mojo’s performance in the video below.

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