Jon Moxley recently returned to All Elite Wrestling after taking some time to better himself. Mox entered an inpatient alcohol rehab program in November. The time off seems to have done Jon wonders, as he looked to be in incredible shape upon coming back.

Renee Paquette discussed her husband, Jon Moxley’s, emotional promo on his return to AEW on this week’s “The Sessions.” She really wanted to discuss his promotion on Wednesday. Renee states that the promo was marvelous and simply beautiful.

It’s funny to talk about him in terms of Jon Moxley as opposed to him being my husband. But not having seen him on TV for some time, not knowing what he was going to say or what he was going to do, what the reaction was going to be and all those things, for him to start Dynamite, for his music to hit, there was just that vulnerability in him that I think was something I recognized and I noticed it.

She continued that Moxley’s promo was a thing of beauty, and not only in terms of a wrestling promo, but just as a speech as a human being to other humans was incredible. Her Twitter absolutely blew up with how many people could relate to him, relate to what he’s gone through, and all of those things. It really kind of caught Renee off guard how it made her feel.

It’s great to see him back in the mix, doing his thing, looking and feeling terrific, and being in excellent health and mind. Renee talked about whether WWE will finally open the Forbidden Door for this Saturday’s Royal Rumble show, among other things, on the podcast.

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