Rebel has been hard at work in the gym and it shows. She recently wanted to put her back muscles on display, but that mirror selfie included a lot more than just that. Naturally, fans have responded in droves to praise her for dropping such an image online.

It has been a while since Rebel shared any jaw-dropping photo in her social media handle. She took to Instagram to drop her sports bra look paired with a filter that gives her AR sunglasses. Surprisingly enough, she asked her fans to guess the color of her eyes in a quick trivia.

Quick, What color are my eyes? #Rebel #tuesdaytrivia

It was not lost on us that she was asking about her eye color while wearing sunglasses.

Rebel already has to fight the fact that some fans call her “Reba.” That is what Britt Baker called her as a heel in an intentional way to get her name wrong, and it stuck with fans. Now Rebel has to deal with Twitter accounts dedicated to her crutch.

AEW fans are unique and they have a very different way of going about things. That is the company’s mantra, after all. Reba certainly grabbed a lot of attention with this photo. That was very likely her intention by posting it. Check out the photo drop below.

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