The Bloodline is arguably the biggest thing going on in WWE right now. Being in the group has allowed Roman Reigns and The Usos to take their respective gimmicks to new heights of popularity.

The Tribal Chief hasn’t been pinned in nearly two years. The Usos, on the other hand, recently broke their own record for having the longest-reigning SmackDown Tag Team Championship reign.

As the trio continue to destroy opponents after opponents, a WWE legend wants the three to grow even more powerful by adding a female member to their already impressive stable.

“My thing is with The Bloodline, you’ve still got so much more that you can add to it,” said Booker T on his Hall of Fame podcast. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was himself part of a huge stable during his TNA days.


“I say, you know a female member could join in and make that thing even more powerful. Really making The Bloodline a Mafioso faction. These guys could really take this thing to another level.”

For Booker T, longevity is key when it comes to creating an established faction- something The Main Event Mafia didn’t get right when they were at the top of their game in TNA.

“Factions are something, I think they’ve got to have longevity in order to be really called a faction. The reason I say that from a faction perspective is, when I look at The Kliq, I look at the nWo, I look at The Four Horseman, and those factions having longevity.

“Then I look at The Main Event Mafia. I really can’t consider us a real faction, even though we were. But we didn’t really get a foothold in the business to where people remember us. That faction, which really should be remembered because of that one thing, we wasn’t together long enough.”

Roman Reigns will have his latest challenge in the form of Seth Rollins in a match for the Universal Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV. As for his Bloodline brethren, they are barred from ringside due to stipulation proposed by Rollins.

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Manik Aftab

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