Scotty 2 Hotty recently left WWE when he saw the writing on the wall that NXT 2.0 was undergoing major changes. The former superstar was part of a tag team with Brian Christopher during the attitude era known as Too Much and later taking the name Too Cool. Vince McMahon had some interesting ideas for the team.

Long-time fans remember the infamous Billy and Chuck storyline where Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn had a romantic wedding storyline. That idea was originally meant for Scotty and Christopher. It was Brian who nixed the idea.

Scotty recently talked about the plan during an appearance on Talk is Jericho. Vince McMahon approached him and said he wanted to do a wedding between the tag team on Monday Night Raw. Scotty wasn’t sure how to react.

“I am like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I am like, early 20s and he had just become a heel promoter with the whole Bret Hart thing. So, in my mind, I am trying to justify all this, like, ‘I can do this. And then a year down the road we can say how the heel promoter made us do this and become babyfaces.’ I am trying to justify every idea in my own head.

Brian just wouldn’t do it. He had wrestled for his dad in Memphis for years and years, and had a solid paycheck there. So, I am sure he had a backup if he had to go back there. So, he flat out refused to do the tag team wedding, which Billy and Chuck later did.

We said no and they took us and Ronny and Donny Harris were coming out as the DOA with the motorcycles. They took us, and made us like their bitches, and they put us on the back of their bike with pink motorcycle helmets on and we would just come out holding their waists.”

Scotty 2 Hotty is looking to make an in-ring comeback. The former WWE coach wants to have another run as a wrestler. Time will tell if he’s successful, but Scotty has plenty of great stories to tell if he ever wants to get into podcasting.

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