Rhino is one of those wrestlers that seems to last forever. The former ECW champion has been active as a pro wrestler since the mid-1990’s. Impact Wrestling re-signed Rhino last September. That’s where he’s worked since leaving WWE in 2019. The legendary big man has seen just about everything.

Wrestlers typically have a partner as they travel from one event to the next. There are plenty of stories about how stars bonded while on the road. Rhino even once got to partner up with The Big Show (Paul Wight) during his time in WWE.

Rhino spoke to Talk’n Shop about the relationship the pair developed. The two had a great time together. Big Show was particular about who picked up the tab when they went out.

“He would pay for the meals, and I’m like, ‘Show, you don’t have to do that’. He goes, ‘I know I don’t, you’re traveling with me, so I’m going to take care of you’,” Rhino said. “And I’m like, ‘That’s really f*cking cool’. So we ended up sneaking a bill, very few times, I’ve been in situations where I should’ve been scared but I wasn’t. This time, I was scared.


Because we were sitting at a bar, right, he was sitting at the end, it was myself, Paul and Nunzio. We buzzed the waitress, or the bartender, I go, ‘Give us the bill’. So we picked up the bill. He asked for it, and they go, ‘Oh no, they took care of it’. He literally leans over, looks at us, and goes, ‘Thank you, but never do that again’. And I go, ‘Sh*t, I’m scared’.”

Paul Wight seems like he’d be a great person to travel with. The veteran always insisted on picking up the tab, even when younger or less popular wrestlers were involved. Rhino learned very quickly that picking up Big Show’s tab is not a line you want to cross.

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