Jim Ross announced in October of 2021 that he was diagnosed with skin cancer. JR has been the voice of wrestling for multiple generations from his early days in the NWA to his current spot as an AEW commentator. Ross has battled bravely through a very scary time in his life, but recently said he’s cancer free.

The cycle of radiation treatment undergone by Ross will require a lot of healing. JR compared his battle wounds to a severe sunburn. Jim is thankful for modern medicine being able to give him some relief from the discomfort.

JR discussed his healing process on the latest episode of Grilling JR. The cancer might be gone, but there’s plenty of work to be done. Jim said he’s been going through a lot of pain and inconvenience due to the radiation therapy.

“Here’s the interesting part for me to try to heal was this just doesn’t heal quickly. It’s in a part of your body that has no fat on your ankle…and it’s just got to take some time…I say it’s like a bad sunburn [but] it’s really at another level. It’s the best way to explain this radiation burns, that’s what it is because all the skin is gone now. So it’s all new skin. That means it’s more exposed to the nerves. So it’s a b*tch in that respect. But it is getting better and a lot of that old skin is gone and and new skin is starting to mature. So it’s just what it is, you know, and I kind of get used to it. Thank God for these creams that they gave me at the cancer clinic. So I use that three or four times a day to help heal the damn thing. But I’m going to make it fine.”

“I have had to tolerate a lot of pain and flying is the sh*ts. We all got to be careful. When I go get on a plane I’ll make sure I got plenty of [cream] on my burn and I have it wrapped and protected. But boy, it’s a pain in the ass to fly, I’ll tell you. You know what I’ve been doing? People are gonna probably laugh at me and someone seen me go through the airport. I’ve been ordering a wheelchair. Walking is a killer, it just kills it. So I’ve been getting the wheelchair at the airport on both ends. So they picked me up, my driver picks me up here at home and takes him to the airport where I meet the wheelchair guy who now I’ve become buddies with. They’re all fans. They all like my $10 and $20 tips. So I’m very popular when they see me coming. Because I think most of the old people that have wheelchairs are tipping them like in ones or something into that denomination. So that’s taken a load off of me. So when I get off the plane, and we’re going like, this week, as we tape this, it’ll be Washington DC, which has very, very strict COVID rules and regulations. So that’s helped me a lot I feel. When I first did it (using a wheelchair), I guess my ego was getting involved. I didn’t want people staring at me because I’m sailing though the airport in the wheelchair in that f*cking black hat.”

Jim Ross is expecting it to take another month for his burns to heal. It’s going to be a tough battle, but he’s thankful for the support he receives from fans. Everyone here at Ringside News continues to wish JR a full and speedy recovery!

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