AroLucha is looking for investors to help make a dramatic change for the dormant lucha libre promotion. The company was founded in 2017 with the idea of bringing high flying lucha libre-style action to fans who normally wouldn’t get to see it. They haven’t held a show in over three and a half years.

Now, AroLucha is looking for investors in a new project. A WeFunder has been launched to help turn it into an animated cartoon series. The company sent the following statement to investors, according to Fightful Select.

“Dear Investors,

We are very excited to announce the new direction of Aro Lucha! We are pivoting, like some of the greatest companies of the last 100 years, we learn from our failures and we try to understand the opportunities before us, that is why beginning today Aro Lucha will no longer be a professional wrestling company…..We will become a kid’s animated content company.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would we do this and why is it important?” That is a great question, and here is our answer.

Covid has opened our eyes to many things, especially the change in culture and habits of live events, and the friction that has been created for international travel, live event attendance, and the overall difficulty of touring with the unknown of Covid positive talent/crew and the risk that poses. During this time, Aro Lucha has built two amazing partnerships which we announced over the prior weeks. We have partnered with Pencilish Animation Studios and StarLight Runner Entertainment, two titans in each of their industries.

We have made this decision to enter into the animation space for multiple reasons:

#1 – We feel this is the best way to protect the investment of our current investors by providing Aro Lucha with a path forward to potential revenue streams. These first investors bet on us, and it is our duty to innovate and create a path for Aro Lucha to be successful. Animation is a $259+ Billion Dollar Market Opportunity According to Create Academy, by 2022 Amazon and Netflix will be spending nearly $7 Billion on animated original content. Animation, in our opinion, is less affected by Covid than Live Events and Touring The Latino and Hispanic market Domestically and Globally is a growing market with over $1.9 Trillion in Buying Power. Our Animation Partners, Pencilish Animation Studios, has founders and board members that are from Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony and more. Steve McBeth, advisory board member to Pencilish, was the Founding President of Disney Interactive Worldwide. Starlight Runner helped to create story worlds for James Cameron’s Avatar, Transformers, Men in Black, Spider Man, and of course…Lucha Underground. For the above reasons and more, this is why Aro Lucha will focus on animated content and distribute the first limited series through Pencilish’s new model.


We have already started working hard on the untitled series. StarLight Runner, Jeff Gomez, Mark Pensavalle, and Steele Filipek, have already begun laying the architecture to the series, developing story worlds, characters and more.

Pencilish Animation Studios has already begun illustrating and creating initial character designs.

We Have Also Opened an Additional Regulation CF Offering for Investment into Arolucha, Inc to raise additional capital for the series.

Pencilish Animation Studios believed enough in this project that they invested into our company and this series. Tom Bancroft, the CEO of Pencilish, invested as the lead investor, personally, into this offering.

Here’s a quick note – if you are a current investor, we’re not asking you to invest into this offering, you invested in the first round and you are still an owner in Arolucha, Inc. This offering was pushed out to Pencilish investors and to our potential investors network. There is an early bird discount of 25% off the valuation for the first $285K that we raise and we can tell you that we’ve already raised over 50% of that tier.

Some of you may be asking a few questions, and we want to answer those. Please check the FAQ section below Tom’s Animation Reel Below for additional answers. One question we know you’re asking is “What happened to my investment and Can I Invest in This Offering”

The answer is Yes, you are allowed to invest and your investment is still valid…you are on the stock register and own stock in Arolucha, Inc, so as we make this pivot you still own the company producing the animated series. If you want to learn more about the direction of the company, the new partners and the offering to invest.”

AroLucha is making some huge promises. Time will tell if investors ever see any payoff whatsoever from the project. AroLucha is betting on what they believe is a revolutionary concept.

What do you think of this new idea? Let us know in the comments!

Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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