JONAH competed in WWE as Bronson Reed. The former NXT standout once held the brand’s North American Championship. Reed saw a future with WWE and signed a three-year contract extension to stay with the company. Before he knew it, the massive wrestler was unemployed.

Bronson was unceremoniously let go by the company during another recent wave of NXT cuts. The company has gone on to focus the brand on young, athletic talent with good looks who don’t necessarily come from wrestling backgrounds. JONAH takes offense to that approach.

Speaking with John Alba on AdFreeShows, JONAH said it was disheartening to see WWE disregarding independent wrestling talent. Athletic ability only goes so far. Wrestlers need to have a passion for the sport.

“I think the biggest thing for me is passion. When I was there, there were athletes that came through that were not passionate about wrestling at all and they were just collecting a paycheck. But then there are some athletes that do come in and genuinely love pro wrestling and those guys of course are going to be the ones that stand out along with the indie wrestlers that have done it their whole lives.

You can’t teach passion. If they don’t have a love for pro wrestling, I don’t care if they’re 6’8. It doesn’t matter. If they don’t have a love for it, it’s not going to work.”

NXT has come a long way from what Triple H originally envisioned it as. The change to the colorful and vibrant NXT 2.0 has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans. JONAH counts himself among them.

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Michael Perry

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