Shawn Michaels will go down as one of the greatest in-ring performers in WWE history. The Heartbreak Kid enjoyed a storied and decorated career while producing some of the company’s best matches. One former WWE superstar says the promotion went to outrageous lengths to protect their biggest star.

Colin Delaney spent about a year in WWE between 2007 and 2008. During his time there, he was featured on the ECW brand in an underdog role. Though his stay was short, Colin had plenty to say about his time with Vince McMahon’s organization.

Delaney recently talked to Wrestling Inc. Daily. Delaney discussed the constant change that he experienced with WWE. One particular edict that came down baffled him.

“Things over in WWE seem to change like the wind seemingly. I remember one time where we did a meeting and nobody was allowed to chop but Shawn Michaels. Then like a month later I was out the door and everyone chopped. Sometimes it goes like that and they’re just real set on one thing. But that’s not forever, nothing is forever.”

Delaney went on to share other stories about his WWE experience. Colin pointed out that he was involved in the first official WWE tweet in history. Mark Henry beat him in a match. The WWE account’s first tweet made the announcement.

WWE is always taking criticism over their strange backstage rules. There is no shortage of stories similar to Colin Delaney’s. It’s surprising that a move as common as a simple chop was reserved for one wrestler. It sounds like WWE didn’t take long to realize it was a mistake.

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