Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler established themselves as one of pro wrestling’s premier tag teams. They’ve previously proven their worth in AEW, having won the AEW Tag Team Championships once. They also don’t give a damn what their detractors think about their matches.

FTR are true lovers of the old school style of professional wrestling and have been influenced by a number of legends, the most notable of whom being Bret Hart. The Briscoes, on the other hand, are unquestionably one of the most well-known and decorated tag teams in all of professional wrestling.

They’ve competed in many promotions all across the world. Last month at ROH Final Battle, the Briscoes and FTR had a brawl, leading many to anticipate they will feud in the future. Now FTR are calling out the Briscoes to make a move and it seems like Jim Cornette is hyped for the feud.

OK @jaybriscoe84 when these men say they’re gonna kick the shit out of you in front of your own chickens, the time has come to MAN UP! Dem Boys vs. These Men is a match that HAS to be made!!!!

The FTR & The Briscoes both had to be separated off from each other by stand-by officials as the brawl had erupted out of control. Both parties have been going at each other on social media, with the Briscoes shooting threats after threats against The FTR. Only AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash can show what would happen.

Hopefully, Tony Khan will make the Briscoes vs FTR happen soon, while this feud is still hot.

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