There is no doubt that Hulk Hogan is one of the most well-known pro wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling, with his influence in the business never being understated. However, his troubled past concerning racism has ultimately led to his downfall. Seth Rollins isn’t a big fan of Hulk Hogan either.

Hulk Hogan was booed at WrestleMania 37 when he was introduced with Titus O’Neil as the hosts of the pay-per-view. This all stemmed from him using racial slurs in a leaked 2015 sex tape.

Hulk Hogan is also no stranger to controversy even excluding the racist remarks. Recently, the Hulkster made headlines for all the wrong reasons after implying that vaccines probably had something to do with the deaths of Betty White and Sidney Poitier.

This led to Hulk Hogan getting relentlessly dragged by fans on social media. While speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T addressed Hulk Hogan’s recent controversial remarks. Booker T admitted he has lost respect for Hogan after the controversy.


“It astounds me what some of the things people say when they just have no idea. I really do not have a whole lot of respect for someone saying something like that, especially when they have no idea what happened to this person or not. Just what we are in the world today. Dammit, it could just be getting old.”

The Iron Sheik expectedly dragged Hulk Hogan due to the controversy as well. Hulk Hogan has been known to exaggerate the truth on numerous instances and has been called out for it as well. It is unlikely Hogan will become a better person anytime soon from the looks of it.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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