Rick Boogs is willing to go to extremes to make sure he has his look right when performing in WWE. The Shinsuke Nakamura ally is also a big time fitness buff. Boogs has developed some strange training methods in the past.

The last thing a person thinks about when trying to build mass for weight lifting is cat food. Boogs says he had a period where Meow Mix was a major part of his strategy for maximum gains. There was a method to Rick’s madness.

Boogs recently appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin. Satin asked how he was able to keep up his weight with WWE’s grueling travel schedule. The answer was not what anyone expected.

“I’ve gone as far as to coming up with the idea of eating cat food [laughs] because I thought it would be a good snack on the go, [I’d have] highly-dense, nutritious treats to carry in my pockets so at all times I was calorically satisfied, micro-nutritionally full, if you will. It was disgusting. t didn’t last very long, but the fact is that I went that far…


I tried to make it work for a whole bag of cat food. I went to the store and I said I’m not going to get the cheap stuff. If I’m going to eat cat food, I’m going to the highest quality. I kinda went undercover to the best pet food store and I asked them what’s the best premium cat food, I make it seem like I really, really care about my cat, when in fact I want the sweet potatoes, I want the salmon, I want the kale bits, I want all of that stuff.

So I lasted about the entire bag of cat food, I just had to work around it and instead of eating it like snacks. I eventually tried to get creative and drizzled cheese and sour cream [on it] and tried to turn it into a frijoles dish, like a Mexican cuisine to try and mask the flavor.”

Rick Boogs will continue to second Shinsuke Nakamura in WWE. The complimentary pieces have been fun to watch as he wails on his guitar during their entrance. Just don’t expect to see him eating cat food again any time soon.

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Michael Perry

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