Liv Morgan worked hard to establish herself as one of the mainstays of the women’s division on Monday Night RAW. Morgan gained a lot of fan support in the past few months, which she never thought was possible in the past. It seems Jimmy Korderas doesn’t believe that Liv is ready.

Jimmy Korderas was a guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently, where he discussed Day 1. The former WWE official talked on Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan’s women’s match, saying that the former Riott Squad member did well but isn’t ready for the top place.

I thought she performed well against Becky, the match was good. I just don’t think Liv, in my opinion, is ready for that spot just yet. Not from an in-ring standpoint. It’s more from a character standpoint and working on her character and working on her ability on the microphone, I don’t think she’s quite there yet. To be at that level, to carry the women’s division just yet.

The fact that Becky Lynch was booed was, however, something he was glad to see. Jimmy Korderas, on the other hand, felt Liv Morgan lacked pop. This isn’t the kind of response he’s looking for from her.


Aside from that, Jimmy Korderas mentioned Beth Phoenix’s comeback. He was pleased to see the WWE Hall of Famer return. Jimmy, on the other hand, believes that more could have been done in this story.

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