Pro wrestling fans already have a ton of podcasts to choose from, and now a new podcast has arrived on the scene. On January 4, Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts debuted their new podcast DDP Snake Pit. The podcast is a part of the Conrad Thompson network of podcasts.

During the debut episode of DDP Snake Pit, Roberts discussed how he came up with the DDT as a finishing move. He also shared how wrestlers now use it as a transitional move or a false finish. Roberts also revealed why he doesn’t mind other wrestlers using the DDT as their false finish.

People often ask me, ‘Well Jake, don’t you get mad at these guys who are using the DDT now for a false finish?’ and I’m like, ‘no, I think it’s great because all they’re telling the people is they’re not half as good as I am, because if I did it, you’re didn’t get your a– back up.

One night in New Orleans, Len Denton, The Grappler crammed Roberts in the corner. Roberts fought him back out to the middle of the ring. The Grappler came up to his feet, started cramming Roberts into a corner again and he stepped on his foot. And when he did, Roberts couldn’t move his legs and they lost balance. Well, Roberts being a dumb babyface at the time, he sprung to his feet like, ‘I didn’t trip, I didn’t fall, I’m not clumsy’.


After that tough, The Grappler stayed down and the people were like, ‘OH what was that?’. And Roberts was also like, ‘what was what? I just fell down’. Roberts turned him over to cover him and he barely kicked out, but people were talking about that move. That is the origin of the DDT finish.

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