Dave Kapoor was among the many NXT staffers WWE fired over the past couple days. Kapoor was best known by fans for his time as The Great Khali’s on-screen manager when he was known as Ranjin Singh. Dave was considered one of the most important figures in all of NXT.

Kapoor was the Senior Vice President of Creative for NXT. He oversaw a lot of what ended up making the television show. The storylines, characters, and general creative direction of the show ran through Dave Kapoor.

Dave was the most important of all the behind-the-scenes NXT staff released by WWE. Bryan Alvarez discussed his importance to the brand on today’s Wrestling Observer Live. Many within WWE were confused that such a valuable piece of the puzzle had been cut.

“One person that I heard the most about was Dave Kapoor, the former Ranjin Singh. In fact, one person said, ‘You know out of all the people, they’re all good people, but a lot of them there was just nothing for them to do except for Dave Kapoor.’


Dave Kapoor was, you know if you have to make a Mt. Rushmore of the most important people in NXT then Dave Kapoor was on the mountain and then he got fired. People are baffled of the release of Dave Kapoor”

WWE continues to streamline their staff as Nick Khan rebuilds the company in his image. Dave Kapoor was a hard-working and creative member of the NXT team. If he is expendable, anybody could be next.

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Michael Perry

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