Alex Abrahantes has been the on-screen manager of Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix in All Elite Wrestling since the Spring of 2021. Alex has acted as a translator for the luchadors ever since. His catch phrase, “Penta says,” has caught on big time with fans.

The pairing of the Lucha Brothers and Abrahantes came together when Alex was asked to translate for an interview with Rey Fenix. It was only supposed to be used on social media. Tony Khan wound up using that promo on Dynamite. Alex has been a major contributor to the team’s presentation ever since.

Abrahantes appeared on AEW Unrestricted recently to explain how the partnership with Penta and Fenix came to be. Alex was not expecting his role to be as significant as it is. The relationship seems unbreakable now.

“I did an interview, which I thought was only going to be on social media. It was Rey Fenix and Lance Archer. Tony wanted me to interview them both and translate what Rey said. I did and was like, ‘This is awesome. I’m honored to do this.’ At that point, I was just going Spanish commentary, pre-show, and post-show stuff. It was used for Dynamite and I remember seeing Tony that night after it aired and he was like, ‘Penta is going to be on commentary, just giving you a heads up.’ I love Penta, it was fantastic. I was told day of, Penta and I got together and we were talking about the plan. I spent the entire day with him, just making sure we had it. It was his big moment because he had never spoken, for the most part, and never in English. It was a really big deal and I was so pumped for him and I was thrilled I got the chance to help him…


I spent the entire day kind of prepping and I could tell he was nervous because it was live TV, Dynamite, it’s his moment, we had just finished Revolution and he was going to have this match with Cody that he wanted. We start Dynamite, we’re sitting on commentary, and the moment comes. Cody starts talking, Penta grabs the mic, I go along with him, ‘Penta says,’ essentially, ‘Cody, I’m 1,000 times better than you.’ At the moment, I’m processing everything and I’m thinking, ‘If I say this, just as a translator, it’s going to be flat. That’s not what Penta is. He’s about passion and excitement. When you see him, you get amped up because he’s pure charisma. I said, ‘I can’t translate as a commentator, it’s going to be flat. I have to be passionate.’ I needed to match what he was saying and ‘Penta says’ just came out. I said ‘Penta says’ first, and the second time, I was like, ‘Oh man, if he continues, I have to continue it, it just makes sense.”

Alex Abrahantes managed the Lucha Brothers to the AEW World Tag Team Championships. The team dropped those titles on last night’s Dynamite after Fenix suffered a frightening injury to his arm. Fenix will need some time off to recover. Penta and Alex will carry the load on their own for a while.

What do you think of the pairing of Alex Abrahantes and the Lucha Brothers? Share your take in the comments!

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