Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett were released by WWE in April 2020 as part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. Both of them eventually returned to ROH. Maria Kanellis was also grateful to WWE for providing them with an opportunity to work for the company.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett claims she and Bobby Cruise had a lot of ideas for the women’s division of Ring Of Honor. A title fight for Mandy Leon was one of their storyline ideas, she explains. Kanellis-Bennett recently appeared on the ROH Strong podcast revealed some scrapped plans.

Mandy has been in this company for a very long time. I would’ve liked to have seen one more singles run for her. Another title shot at some point. I think she deserved it. I think that she has been one of the pillars for Ring Of Honor, not just on the women’s side but for the entire company. I think she deserved that.

Maria Kanellis also thinks that witnessing Miranda Alize and Trish Adora in their third match would have been fantastic because Trish has been on a tear. She believes there was so much more they could have done with her. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so.


Ring of Honor is currently on a self-imposed hiatus, which began following the pay-per-view Final Battle last month. Before resuming operations in April, ROH management announced it is reinventing the company’s business model. At Final Battle, Maria Kanellis-Bennett was a part of one of the most exciting matchups.

Kanellis went back to managing The OGK for their ROH World Tag Team Title defense against The Briscoes. Mike Bennett, Kanellis’ real-life husband, accidentally hit her with a spear during the match. Kanellis-Bennett stated that she did not want him to be cautious when making the move. Obviously, she wanted to give it her all on ROH’s final big show of the year.

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