Former WWE Superstar Paul Wight used to be known as the Big Show in WWE. He spent over two decades in the company before he decided to take his skills elsewhere. Wight eventually made his way to AEW, much to the surprise of the pro wrestling world.

When the Go-Big Show was unveiled, fans quickly made analogies to The Big Show, who is now Paul Wight in AEW. Cody Rhodes will never forget that, thanks to the renowned giant. On today’s broadcast of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Rhodes discussed Wight’s reaction to the show’s moniker.

“I know he is ripping me pretty lighthearted about Go-Big Show being the name. At one point The Big Show was actually workshopped as the name. I think for him, not so much royalties, but I think he expects some sort of cameo or some sort of element involving him. Because he truly is not only Paul Wight, which is how we refer to him, but he is The Big Show. I’ve had my run-ins with him, including one at WrestleMania. I can see a little crossover happening. Maybe in season 3. Maybe that is something that will go down. He won’t let it sit for too long.”

With AEW under the same WarnerMedia banner as Go-Big Show, it’s not impossible that WWE stars will appear in a future season. Sure, the organization isn’t lacking in talent, but who do you think would do well in the competition series? Cody Rhodes has a few of ideas of his own.


It’s Johnny Hungee John Silver, according to Rhodes, because he’s genuine and fits into the strongman category. Then there’s Private Party, Dante Martin, if you’re searching for classic acrobatics, balance, and high spots. Former women’s champion Nyla Rose is another name that springs to mind. Nyla knows how to have a good time and the show is all about having a good time according to Rhodes.

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