The world of professional wrestling is filled with stories of wrestlers and crew members getting high with celebrities. Randy Orton, for instance, smoked marijuana with Snoop Dogg in 2008.

Another former WWE employee is speaking up about the same incident and how several wrestlers, as well as other employees, got to smoke weed with the “Gin and Juice” rapper.

“Everybody got a little turn in there. I think it was Orlando when he showed up at one of the WrestleMania’s,” said Mike Chioda on a recent episode of AdFreeShows Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda.

He continued, “He had his own camper out there and he’d bring in certain tour buses, and campers, and everything. I went in there and met him, smizzed up a little bit.”


Chioda, who had been WWE’s longest-tenured referee up until his release in 2020, also talked about the time Wiz Khalifa showed up in WWE during the company’s annual marijuana testing.

“There was a bunch of guys, Wiz Khalifa in Pittsburgh, never got to smoke with him though. Everybody was jealous because we were getting tested that day for marijuana and we had to pay a fine for marijuana $2,500.

“The drug testers were there and here’s Wiz Khalifa just blowing big stogies, the whole f***ing hallway reeked as we’re on our way to take our drug test. Some of the guys walked by and were going to blame the hallway for breathing that s–t in. You can’t top Snoop Dogg though, there’s no way.”

You gotta be jealous of Orton though. Not only did he smoke weed with a rap legend in Snoop Dogg, he also beat both John Cena and Triple to retain his title that night.

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Manik Aftab

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