Big Swole slammed AEW’s lack of diversity, calling it the company’s largest fault aside from structure, to which Tony Khan responded. TK retaliated in a way that sparked a lot of debate, and Lio Rush is furious about it. Big Swole’s contract expired, according to Tony Khan, because she wasn’t good enough.

Lio Rush responded with a vehement retweet. He didn’t express exactly what was bothering him at first, but it was evident that the Man of the Hour has something to say.

If nobody says something, then I will. Because this is f*cked up and now I’m pissed.

Many fans started a discussion about AEW’s roster and its diversity. Thanks to this trending topic, Will Hobbs now weighs in on AEW‘s lack of diversity. Hobbs claimed that after joining with AEW, he and other minorities had been given opportunities to appear in prominent roles. He is also appreciative for the company that has surrounded him since his mother’s death.


I’ve been featured in some heavy ass spots since being signed to AEW as well as other minorities.

Now TK has put me in spots at the right time that meant something

(Punk,Christian Cage,Brian Cage and Hangman and especially running in and saving Mox)

This company has been there since the passing of my Mother

Cody and QT played tremendous part in getting me signed

Lastly if you have a issue with someone pick up the phone.

Hobbs concluded his tweet suggesting that if anyone has got problems with AEW, they should pick up the phone instead of ranting on the internet like social justice warriors.

Tony Khan has always placed him in the appropriate location at the appropriate moment. CM Punk, Christian Cage, Brian Cage, and Hangman Page are all in the same boat. Cody Rhodes and QT were also instrumental in getting him signed.

This is obviously a subject that a lot of fans are discussing. What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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