Big Swole slammed AEW’s lack of diversity, calling it the company’s largest fault aside from structure, to which Tony Khan responded. TK retaliated in a way that sparked a lot of debate, and Lio Rush is furious about it. Big Swole’s contract expired, according to Tony Khan, because she wasn’t good enough.

Lio Rush responded with a vehement retweet. He didn’t express exactly what was bothering him at first, but it was evident that the Man of the Hour has something to say.

If nobody says something, then I will. Because this is f*cked up and now I’m pissed.

Many fans started a discussion about AEW’s roster and its diversity. Thanks to this trending topic, Jade Cargill’s name has been brought up several times.


“Mark my words. 100% Jade Cargill is winning the TBS womens title. Damage control will be in full effect now,” one fan tweeted out. “I dunno, complaining about diversity when most of the women’s champs have been pretty diverse, chief Brandi officer is diverse, tag champs are diverse, Dante Martin is being pushed to the moon as is Jade Cargill. Maybe a tactless response but the diversity card is BS,” said another.

Another fan also brought up that, “Naomi, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks and Jade Cargill have consistently trended allllll YEAR LONG.” This is very true as each of those women have received tremendous support from fans.

Jade Cargill is now a trending topic on Twitter as the diversity comments in AEW gains steam. Jade Cargill is one of AEW’s brightest future stars, but there are apparently some fans who aren’t wishing her the best. Cargill realizes that a section of the fan base seems to be against Black women wrestlers, and that sickens her.

You can check out an assortment of tweets below.

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