By now everybody knows that there is nothing at all real about ‘reality’ shows. Now Nia Jax (Lina Fanene) further proves that point in a recent comment she made when asked about the show’s authenticity online. The show was 98% scripted, she let a fan on Instagram know!

For wrestling fans – especially fans of WWE – reality shows have been a part of WWE’s programing since Tough Enough, really, and although that seemed to be as real as real could get, we can all speculate that even on that platform, many instances were perhaps scripted.

If you remember Hogan Knows Best on MTV, the show that chronicled the day to day life of one of pro wrestling’s biggest ever stars, proof of reality shows being as fake as the Sahara Desert is dry, came when Hogan spilled his own brand of tea in his book, My Life Outside the Ring: A Memoir, published in 2010. In it, he stated that the aforementioned show was full of set-ups that MTV producers planned ahead of time.

Talk about spilling some tea, Nia Jax, who was recently released from WWE, feels fine spilling a wee bit of her own on this subject of reality shows – particularly Total Divas. When asked if she would be giving some details on her ‘reality show’ experience within WWE when she would be appearing on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, she said:


“Yes!!! I’m definitely going to spill some tea with my girl @ReneePaquette.”

According to the questions that she responded to on social media, it seems as though Jax is ready to tackle a few other hard-hitting questions that may come her way from Paquette who had a few sore subjects to bring to light in recent months regarding her very own WWE experience. Let us not forget that she too was a castmate on that show. It’ll be interesting to hear what they both have to say when the episode drops.

Domenic Marinelli

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