Cody Rhodes has received a ton of negative feedback from fans over his booking in AEW. He is one of the only wrestlers who gets a special entrance. He has his own reality show with his wife, Brandy Rhodes. He recently recaptured the TNT Championship for an unprecedented third time.

The American Nightmare has acted like a Hulk Hogan style babyface on AEW television. Crowds have been giving him the kind of reaction you’d expect a bitterly disliked heel to receive. Many fans can’t figure out why Cody is being booked the way he is.

On the most recent episode of Sammy Guevara’s Vlog, Cody attempted to recalibrate those expectations. He said things aren’t going down the way everybody thinks. There is more to come that will surprise a lot of AEW viewers.

“I’m thankful to the fans that cheer me and I am thankful to the fans that boo me. Because both sets of fans are getting ready to go on a ride that is just bizarre… It’s not the path that you think. We’re not doing what’s been done before.”


Cody seems to be hinting at some strange twists. Critics of the Codyverse may want to stay tuned. Perhaps the entire thing will have a huge payoff in the end.

Time will tell if Cody’s statement turns out to be true. If he doesn’t deliver he will likely face even more backlash from the audience. He is betting on himself again this time. Just like he did when he left WWE and went out on his own.

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Michael Perry

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