This has been Edge’s first year as an active competitor since 2010. The brawler has returned after taking time off to recover from injuries. It seems like the year has been quite momentous for Edge, who recently reflected upon it online.

Edge has had a pretty incredible year. It almost seems like this year has seen a revival of his 2008 glory, headlining WrestleMania for the first time since that year.

In a recent Instagram post, Edge reminisced about his wrestling career, recalling moments such as his reunion with Christian in the Royal Rumble.

It’s been kinda insane. And awesome. It might be my favorite year of my career. From The Royal Rumble and a reunion Jay and I both thought was off the table for good. Yet there we were. Getting our dreams back.


He also talked about his epic rivalry with Seth Rollins, that culminated in a trilogy of fights, a moment that was seven years in the making itself.

And then there’s the Rollins/Edge trilogy. Those three matches will hold a very dear place in my wrestling heart when it’s all said and done and I’m whistling on the deck with a cup o joe(or whiskey).

It certainly seems like Edge has a lot to remind him how incredible his career has been. Here’s hoping that he continues to thrive. Check out his post below.

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